Fiber Age: flexible, modular

Interview with Alexander Huber, click to move

29.03.2012, Trend


This is what happens

Alexander Huber often finds that the municipalities can’t see the wood for the trees because the fiber optic networks topic is such a complex one. The requirements of every town and community vary considerably. They have to address realization plans with operating times of 15 to 20 years.

Good to know

It is important to talk to all those with political responsibility and arouse their interest. The key figures, decision makers and opinion leaders of a community certainly have to be involved. Then you have a broad, strategic agreement. Everyone involved quickly realizes that they can be successful if they work together. Once you have got that far, a project is easier to implement.


Flexibility and modularity of fiber optic systems are an extremely important point for proceeding according to the diversity of local requirements and conditions. The project partners expect the FO systems to be designed on a modular basis and be as simple as possible to deal with. They expect the manufacturer to be capable of optimizing products, continuing to develop them and of adapting them to suit their specific needs.

R&Mfoxs is a complete, professional solution for municipal fiber optic networks. This system combines all the factors communities require for a successful future.

Interview with Alexander Huber, click to move